Manual Vs. Adjustable/Automatic Air Cannons: Which One Should You Choose?

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Kilns, chutes, silos, hoppers and bins are some of the most versatile equipment in the material handling process. Therefore, if you own or plan to purchase such or similar equipment, their efficient functioning should be your priority. Unfortunately, material back-ups, blockages and slow flows are some of the issues you may face with your material handling equipment. For this reason, it's imperative to invest in tools that can help facilitate material flow in your equipment to prevent delays, damages and other production inefficiencies. Here's where air cannons come in. These industrial devices contain compressed air that helps create high-pressure blasts of air to the stuck materials, clearing blockages and facilitating their flow. However, they come in different options, and one quick way to find the best is to decide between a manual and an automatic or adjustable option. This guide will help you choose.


Cost is always a critical aspect to consider when investing in large-scale or heavy-duty industrial equipment. Air cannons aren't different. And while they come in different sizes depending on how big your material handling equipment is, they can still be pricy. Generally, manual air cannons are cheaper than their adjustable or automatic counterparts. As the name implies, these air cannons are operated manually whenever there's a blockage. Therefore, they can be your go-to solution when you are on a budget. On the other hand, adjustable air cannons can be programmed to blast the compressed air at intervals, eliminating the manual input and promoting a seamless flow of materials. Because of this design, they are usually costlier.


Efficiency is another critical element to keep in mind when choosing an air cannon for your material handling equipment. An effective air cannon goes a long way in ensuring proper and continuous material flow, enhancing your operations. Adjustable air cannons tend to have the edge over their manual counterparts regarding efficiency. First, an adjustable air cannon is a versatile solution for handling different materials. For instance, hard materials may need more pressure than soft materials to be dislodged. And with an adjustable air cannon, you can set the equipment to blast air at different pressure levels depending on the type of materials in your silo, kiln, chute, etc.

In addition, you don't have to run your air cannon continuously. And when you do, an adjustable air cannon ensures you only blast air at the levels you need, ensuring you use the right amount of air and energy. Consequently, your air cannon may last for longer because it doesn't need to run at full power continuously.

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