Familiarising Yourself With The Various Types Of Scissor Lifts You Can Hire

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If you have recently ventured into the construction industry, you will quickly realise how critical access equipment is to run your business successfully. From scaffolding to folding platforms and many other solutions, making the right decision as a newbie may seem intimidating at first. The good news is that it does not have to be a complicated decision. The trick to discerning what would be best is to acquaint yourself with the different types of machinery available so that you can determine what will work best for your specific project.

One versatile option you can deliberate on when seeking access equipment is the scissor lift. Comprising a platform and a scissor-like mechanism for lifting and lowering, this equipment is flexible enough to be employed for many different elevated tasks. Furthermore, it comes in a range of options, so you can rest assured you will find one to meet your needs. Read on to familiarise yourself with the various types of scissor lifts you can hire.

Diesel lifts

As the name implies, these types of scissor lifts run on diesel fuel. And similar to vehicles that operate on diesel, they can be quite noisy when they are in use. Diesel scissor lifts are best employed outdoors due to the fumes that they emit. They come with spacious platforms, perfect for lifting both workers and building supplies simultaneously. If you are on a restricted budget, hiring a diesel scissor lift will be a pocket-friendly option.

Electric lifts

Unlike their diesel counterparts, these scissor lifts run on a battery rather than utilising fuel. As a result, the equipment runs much quieter. In addition to this, no toxic fumes are emitted when they are in use. As a result, the electric variety is best suited for indoor use. Electric scissor lifts are also designed to be a compact version of their outdoor counterparts, and this makes them much easier to work with in enclosed spaces. Lastly, they are outfitted with non-marking pneumatic tyres that will not leave any skid marks on the floors.

Pneumatic lifts

These types of scissor lifts are designed to run purely on air so they do not rely on fuel, batteries or even hydraulic power. This type of operation makes them the cleanest option available in the market, making them ideal for spaces where compressed air is present. Its pneumatic operation practically eliminates the need for extensive maintenance, which not only makes it great for hire but a worthwhile long-term investment if you choose to buy this machinery down the road.

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