4 Boom Lift Features That Building Contractors Must Bear in Mind

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Boom lifts are essential equipment in the construction sector since they increase productivity and enhance the safety of operators working on elevated platforms. The boom lift also improves work efficiency through its extended platform and enhanced lift capability. Furthermore, a boom lift can be used in a range of construction applications, for example, indoor and outdoor environments. If you are a building contractor in need of a boom lift, you have to bear in mind some useful insights.  

Console Box and Platform Covers -- A console box contains critical features that control the operation of a boom lift. Therefore, the site should be protected from the effects of weather elements such as excessive rain, frost, and sunlight. Furthermore, the platform where workers will spend most of their time should be shielded from such elements. For example, rainwater can make the platform slippery, and thus, prone to causing accidents. Nonetheless, quality covers for your console box and boom lift platforms can minimize exposure to weather elements.

Tow-Bar Mount -- In a construction site, you might want your boom lift to be towed from one point to another with greater ease. Further, if you do not have a towing truck, you need a lift to tow equipment such as wheel-ridden devices and generators. In this case, a boom lift fitted with a tow-bar to its chassis could be ideal at the job site. The tow-bar mount should be highly durable, preferably made of steel, to accommodate the push and pull forces. Furthermore, the tow-bar should be flexible in length to enable adjustment during towing.

Oscillating Axle -- Some construction sites have very rough terrain that might hinder the mobility of a boom lift. However, with an oscillating axle, an operator can drive the elevator up and down a hilly slope or through uneven terrain without losing traction. The axle is often mounted at the front side of the equipment to add more stability by enabling all the wheels to touch the ground. Most oscillating shafts are hydraulically operated for increased output and efficiency. Besides, the flexible suspension enhances the comfort of an operator when navigating the machine through rough ground.

Install Work Lights on the Platform -- Some construction sites have lower-lit areas that can force your workers to postpone. However, mounting work lights to the boom lift platform can help operators to work longer, thereby increasing their productivity. By illuminating the job site, you can operate the equipment during nighttime. Nonetheless, ensure the lights are water-resistant and protected from potential damage by falling debris or tools.

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