5 Safety Tips to Keep in Mind If Putting a Car Lift in Your Home

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A car lift is a fabulous way to create more parking space in your home, and if you want a subterranean garage, it's an essential must-have. However, you also need to ensure that your setup is safe. Keep these tips in mind:

1. Opt for Professional Installation

If you are really handy, you may be tempted to put in your own car lift. However, that's not a great idea. If you want the construction to be safe, you need to hire a professional. Ideally, you want to make sure that the contractor you hire is experienced with car lifts and that he or she follows any of the relevant building codes for your area.

2. Make Sure You Get the Right Weight Limit

Whether you do the installation yourself or work with a professional, make sure they understand the weight limit of the lift. If you plan to put commercial machinery or large utes on the car lift, you may need a sturdier lift than someone who is just going to use their car lift for small sports cars. Talk about these restrictions and safety ideas with your installer or make sure they coordinate with your plans.

3. Make Sure the Car Lift Is Flush With the Floor

You don't want gaps between the top of the car lift and the floor. If there are spaces, they may become a tripping hazard. This is especially true if you have small children in the area. Talk with your installer to make sure that your design does not have unnecessary gaps.

4. Mark the Car Lift

You also need to mark the car lift. To that end, you may want to hang warning signs in the garage. For example, your signs could say "beware of moving car lift", "lift may start automatically" or "don't stand on lift platform". You may also want to ensure that the top of the car lift is distinguishable from the rest of the garage floor. Even just a small visual difference can help to make the lift noticeable and less of a potential danger.

5. Create an Alert System in Your Subterranean Garage

In some cases, car lifts just go down and the car sits on the lift on the lower level. This is basically like a stacked approach to parking. However, in other cases, the car lift may go down into a subterranean garage. In these cases, you need an alert system in the below-ground garage. For example, you may want lights or sirens to go off to warn people in that space that the lift is coming.

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