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Are you an aspiring artist seeking to try something new? Have you considered using sheet metal in your art? Sheet metal is commonly used to create thousands of every day items from machinery cases to work benches and even vehicles. It is one of the most popular materials around and can be found in workshops across the world. Art may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of sheet metal, but there is actually a long history of artists using sheet metal to create some of the most outstanding art in the world.

Painting on sheet metal has been popular for many years, but today artists are able to utilise technology to offer more creative art to the their audience. Contemporary sheet metal art looks great in any home whether there is a large wall in a rustic farmhouse that needs a tasteful decoration or you want to add a finishing touch to an urban loft conversion.

Industrial art

Metal artwork combines the skills and experience of the metalworker with the talent of the artist to produce completed artworks that highlight the beauty, passion and sincerity of their subject. Some artworks may use new sheet metal while others may be aged, and incorporate rough edges, nut and bolts, and even rust to produce a piece that adds interest and industrial appeal to any wall in the home.

Etched wall panels

If industrial artwork isn't for you then why not create some etched metal wall panels?

Decorative sheet metal wall panels are often handcrafted and highlight the scribing and polishing skills of the artist. Many designs showcase sharp, cool lines with holographic effects that will enhance any modern interior. These sheet metal panels help to foster a dynamic atmosphere in any environment whether domestic or commercial.

If you prefer trying something a little more intricate then why not consider a laser cut artwork? Using a computer controlled laser to cut the sheet metal will allow you to create the most complicated, intricate design and to reproduce it on the metal surface exactly as you envisioned it. Laser cut art is growing in popularity as artists discover the benefits of combining technology and art and pushing the limits of their imagination.

Whatever way you want to use metal in your art, why not talk to sheet metal supplier, they will be able to advise you on the most appropriate metal for your needs?

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