The Different Mobile Aluminum Scaffolds Available For Hire

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Mobile aluminium scaffolds are supported platforms which feature a set of wheels or casters for movement. They are used in tasks such as painting or plastering where the workers require frequent changing of position. The primary material used in the making of such scaffolds is aluminium, which offers light weight and durability. The mobile platforms usually come with a set of locks for the wheels to prevent the entire structure from moving while working. Before deciding on hiring a mobile aluminium scaffold, you may want to know the various ranges available in the market. To help you out, here is an analysis of the different mobile scaffolding you may require.

The Mobile Aluminum Scaffolding Tower

This is similar to any other scaffolding tower only that it packs the extra mobility component. The tower can be used for a range of different purposes due to its lightweight nature emanating from the use of aluminium. The tower aluminium scaffolds have the capability of reaching up to 16 meters, therefore, being able to adopt a range of functions. The Mobile aluminium scaffolding towers come in two variations which include a single and double width tower. The single width aluminium scaffolds are suitable for job sites that have narrow and limited access while the double width towers come with a larger base to provide stability. They are used for areas with unlimited access.

Stepfold Aluminum Scaffolds

The stepfold aluminium podiums are designed to work in areas that require low-level access. This includes heights which range between two and four meters. The stepfold aluminium scaffolds are also lightweight due to their manufacturing element and have wheels which make them easy to move around when required. The scaffolds also use a telescopic guardrail frame which enables them to access the step platforms granting access to the working area. They also come with stabilisers which are used to give the required sturdiness of the entire scaffold. One speciality about the stepfold podiums is that they have a folding mechanism which allows them to be folded flat. This feature makes them quite functional when it comes to storage and transportation purposes.

The Teletower Scaffolds

The mobile teletower aluminium scaffold comes with various adjustable platform heights which range from 1-2 meters. This feature gives the user the possibility of accessing working heights which are 3-4 meters high. They are also easy to be assembled, requiring the input of one person in a time of three minutes. The teletower aluminium scaffolds comprise of only two major parts which are the platform as well as the tower. They also come with adjustable stabiliser legs to replace the wheels when working in places with uneven ground.

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