What You Need To Know About Air Compressors

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An air compressor is a machine which is used in the conversion of power to potential energy. This energy is stored in the air which has been pressurised. This is accomplished through the utilisation of an electric motor, gasoline or diesel engine. The air compressor works by forcing a lot of air into a storage tank, increasing pressure. Once the pressure in the tank reaches its maximum level, the compressor shuts off to prevent stockpiling of excess air. The air stored in the tank is then left until it requires usage. An air compressor is quite different from an air pump, as this uses a different mechanism which collects air from the surroundings into whatever place is required. The air pumps, unlike the compressors, do not have any storage tanks. Air compressors are also faster when it comes to usage. Some of the applications of an air compressor include inflating car tires. Think of a big bouncing castle where children go to have fun. It is impossible to fill up such a big castle with the use of a conventional pump. However, with an air compressor, one would fill the entire bouncing castle in a matter of minutes. When selecting an air compressor, one has to consider the following details.

  1. Lubrication – Lubrication is one important thing which needs to be acknowledged while purchasing an air compressor. Some of the compressors require a lubrication system to maintain the internal parts. Issues such as excess heat can damage the metal components within the compressor. However, a lot of friction can also result in the introduction of other particles to the compressed air in the storage tank. Things such as metal flakes can cause considerable damage when passed from the pressurised tanks to materials like tires and air mattresses. One of the techniques used in the lubrication of air compressors includes the splash method. Another scheme for bigger compressor systems is the force-feed lubrication process.
  2. Piping – Proper piping is also another important feature when it comes to the compressed air systems. To ensure that the system remains strong, they require a good selection of pipes, a proper layout, installation and maintenance. When looking to purchase a compressor, always ensure that the pipes work perfectly with the type of compressor. Issues such as sharp angles, blockages and moisture can be quite dangerous for the air compressors. They will cause the compressors to work harder while still delivering a similar load.   

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